اسمك ايه؟ What’s your name?

That’s a pretty basic question most learners of Egyptian Arabic can answer pretty easily. But can you expand upon your answer? What does your name mean? Do you like it and why? In Shuwayya ‘An Nafsi you can see how native speakers of Egyptian Arabic answer this question and many more by going beyond a simple answer and adding details. You will learn common patterns, useful expressions, and of course a variety of vocabulary. By studying how native speakers phrase their responses, mimicking the responses while adjusting them into personal truths, you will develop skills to sound more natural in your speech.

I gave a survey to ten native speakers of Egyptian Arabic, five men and five women. Their responses are all of similar length–between ten and fifteen words. I then worked the survey questions and their responses into 30 sections. Each section begins with a question and is followed by each person’s response, along with the vocabulary that appears in them.

All of the materials appear in three forms in the sections:

  • Arabic texts written with vowels
  • Phonemic transcriptions
  • English translations

And in the back of the book the questions and responses appear again in two more forms:

  • Arabic texts without vowels
  • Modern Standard Arabic translations

Each section ends with a page where you are encouraged to write your own responses using words and phrases you have learned. You can also write others’ responses for extra practice.

The MP3s are available to download for free from the Lingualism Audio Library. The question is repeated twice, once directed toward a man, and once toward a woman. The ten contributors then read their own answers.

I hope that you find Shuwayya ‘An Nafsi a useful tool to practice and develop your Arabic language skills in an enjoyable way with authentic materials. If you have purchased and used the book, please do leave a review on the product page and/or Amazon to let others know what to expect and how the book has helped you.

I’ll be working on a second part to the series at a slightly more advanced level in the coming months. Make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list so you know as soon as that book is available and receive the book launch discount coupon.