Author: Ayat

Picnic with My Little Sister

Learn Arabic as it is really spoken. Listen to and read Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Simple pleasures can make us the happiest. Ayat tells us about a great day she had with her little sister.  النهارده كان يوم جميل علشان انا و اختى الصغيره نزلنا نتفسح. النهارده كان اجازه فا انا على طول استغليت الفرصه و رحت فاجئت اختى و قلتلها: يلا بينا نخرج نتفسح. هى اول لما سمعت الكلمه السعاده بانت على وشها و ردت عليا بكل حماس :”ماشى انا موافقه”. اتفقنا انا و هى على التفاصيل بتاعة الفسحه دى و قررنا اننا نروح الجنينه اللى فى الحى بتاعنا....

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Ayat’s Hobbies

Learn Arabic as it is really spoken. Listen to and read Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Ayat tells us about her favorite hobbies. Can you guess what they are from the pictures? من صغرى و انا بحب الرسم و القرايه اوى. و بعتبرهم هواياتى المفضله. اول مره ارسم كانت من زمان جدا لما كان عندى اربع سنين. ايامها رسمى كان عباره عن شوية خطوط عشوائيه مش مفهومه. و بعد ما كبرت شويه و ظهر حبى الشديد للرسم بقيت برسم حاجات اوضح شويه، يعنى:  مثلا ورده، عربيه، الشمس، شجره، ناس، بيوت. ماما و بابا بعد ما ظهرلهم حبى للرسم شجعونى جدا، وجابولى...

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Ayat’s Ramadan

Learn Arabic as it is really spoken. Listen to and read Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Ayat tells us about gifts, decorations, and traditions during Ramadan. بابا جابلى فانوس صغير كهديه بمناسبة بدايه شهر رمضان. كل الناس فى مصر بيحبوا شهر رمضان، سواء كانوا مسلمين او مسحيين، و بيحتفلوا بيه كل سنه. و انا كواحده من الناس المصريين بحب شهر رمضان اوى، لان الشهر ده مرتبط بالنسبه لى بالفرحه و بالبهجه و لمة العيله و الصحاب. قبل بداية رمضان بكام يوم انا و اخواتى عملنا زينه علشان نزين البيت كنوع من انواع الاحتفال بالشهر الرائع ده. عملنا الزينه من الورق و...

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Frances M.San Francisco, USA
Matthew, you have done an excellent job with this whole project at Lingualism.  I couldn't be more pleased.  The books are excellent and reasonably priced.  The free downloadable resources are very useful. And now, the MP3s free as well?!!  Everything you have provided is really helping me to finally be able to progress with my Egyptian Arabic learning.  I have really struggled, but now it is getting last.
Robert K.Washington, D.C., USA
Congratulations for the fantastic job you are doing with the teaching of "real" Arabic. I studied in Egypt and I recognize a good teaching method... yours is outstanding.
Khalid I.Washington D.C., USA
I have got pretty much everything that Lingualism has published on Egyptian Arabic, plus your Modern Standard Arabic dictionary and verb books. Your stuff is excellent, and you have put all us learners in your debt.
Alfred W.Vancouver, Canada
The books are exceptionally good. I wish I had had your advice on MSA versus colloquial Arabic when I first started learning Arabic.
Colin G.St. Helens, England
I love the materials… I'm a language tutor, including Spanish and Arabic, and have found your books and audio very useful with my intermediate students.
Pascal L.Laval, France
Lingualism's books provide just what serious students of Arabic are in need of: a gateway to the Arab world with authentic, exciting and lively material that does help us to make progress! Highly and sincerely recommended!
Adhitiya M.Bekasi, Indonesia
Your books on Egyptian Colloquial Arabic are a real breakthrough! They have helped me learn ECA much faster and more efficiently than other books of the same topic. Thank you so much for helping me and other Arabic language enthusiasts!
Yvonne H.Amstelveen, Netherlands
I am very happy with the Egyptian Arabic spoken texts. Thank you very much for your help.
Giancarlo G.Rome, Italy
Thanks a lot for your wonderful job. You are really doing a lot for foreign students of Arabic who are confronted with a harsh reality... that of having to learn two languages, one written and one spoken.
Benedikt R.Munich, Germany
Thank you for the great learning resources you developed, they helped my a lot!
Greg K.Monterey, USA
I'm in an Egyptian Arabic class and everything is spot on. This is super useful to boost vocabulary and it's invaluable having native recordings.
Jim D.Berkshire, England
I wanted to thank you for making available the items on your BLOG. The texts and audio are a wonderful resource for a learner like myself. As a 67-year-old individual learner, without a tutor, I appreciate...
Alastair M.Glasgow, Scotland
I have just taken receipt of your new book from Amazon. I am so looking forward to working my way through it like your other Egyptian books. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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