Author: Esraa

Death of a Friend

Learn Arabic as it is really spoken. Listen to and read Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Esraa shares with us a recent tragic experience and what she has learned from it. اترددت كتير قبل ما اكتب عن الموضوع ده، بس قررت اكتب عشان جزء منى مصدق ان، بطريقةٍ ما، الكتابه بتشفى الواحد. من تلات اسابيع تقريباً، كنت بقلب فى الفيس بوك عادى قبل ما انام، 
و كل حاجه كانت طبيعيه لحد ما جيت عند بوست فيه صوره لشخص كان زميلى فى تدريب التنس بقاله تلات سنين، قريت الكلام اللى مكتوب على الصوره، و قريته مرتين كمان و كل مره فيهم كنت...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Amusement Parks

How are you everyone? اِزَّيُّكُم يا جماعه izzayyukum ya gamaa3a  In the past few weeks, I was completely drained مرهقه murhaqa. I felt like I’m on a constant roller coaster قطْر المَوْت I2aTr ilmoot, from spending 12 hours a day at university الجامْعه ilgam3a and losing my mind among all the assignments required. A break was much needed at that point. I decided I needed to get on a different kind of roller coaster. A real one this time. So I called my sisters and we planned to head straight to an amusement park الملاهى ilmalaahi! We also managed to convince the rest of the family العيله il3eela to accompany us. Soon enough, we were all running around...

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Attending a Katb-Ketab

As we’re heading toward the end of summer here in Egypt, we’re also heading toward the end of what’s known as “the wedding season” مَوْسِم الأفْراح muusim il-afraaH. Usually, people think summer is the perfect time for weddings because that’s when the sky is at its bluest and the weather is lovely  الجَوْ حِلْو ilgaw Hilw. If you know an Egyptian couple getting married, they’ll invite you not only to their wedding but also to their katb ketab كَتْب كِتاب katb kitaab. Ever heard about that? Well, a katb ketab is a ceremony usually held before the wedding where the couple getting married recite their oaths and...

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