Author: Yomna

Yomna Takes Her Son to Work

Learn Arabic as it is really spoken. Listen to and read Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Yomna brought her son to work. Was it a good idea?  امبارح مع بداية شهر سبتمبر، كان لازم ادفع لابنى مصاريف الشهر الجديد فى الحضانه. و مع تأخير مرتبي، لقيت ان افضل حل انى موديهوش خالص. طب و بعدين؟ قررت آخده معايا الشغل. طبعا كان قرار ندمت عليه بعد كده. طول الطريق للشغل فضلت احفظه الوصايا التلاته: النظام، الهدوء، النضافه. بصراحه منكرش، الولد كان ملتزم الى حد كبير. طلب نسكويك و مسك الـIPAD و فضل يلعب. اكل سندوتش و شرب عصير و دخل الحمام تمان...

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Having a Good Breakfast in Egypt

What do Egyptians have for breakfast? Can you order your breakfast in Egyptian Arabic? Yomna’s here to help! Welcome أهلا As you are staying for a while in Egypt, you should to have nice Egyptian breakfast فطار مصري fiTaar maSri for yourself. You can have it two ways: either by eating it ready-made at a restaurant مطعم maT3am, or by buying the ingredients and making it yourself at home. The most famous Egyptian breakfast is beans and falafel فول و طعميه fuul wi Ta3miyya, with some pickles مخلل mixallil and fried eggplant باذنجان مقلي bidingaan ma2li. And of course you can add boiled eggs بيض مسلوقbeeD masluu2 and cheese جبنة gibna if you wish. You can easily tell an...

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The Sacrifice Feast in Egypt

Yomna tells us about the Sacrifice Feast in Egypt while teaching us some interesting words and phrases related to the holiday in Egyptian Arabic. Walking in Cairo these days, you can hear everybody saying happy feast كل سنه وانتو طيبين – عيد سعيد kulle sana wi-ntu Tayyibiin – 3iid sa3iid. It’s time for the great sacrifice feast called Eid Aladha عيد الأضحىI3iid il2aDHa. In the Islamic society there are two main feasts: one of them is the breakfast feast Eid Alfetr عيد الفطر I3iid ilfiTr and the other is the Sacrifice Feast  عيد الأضحى I3iid il2aDHa. What is the origin of the Sacrifice Feast? It was a long time ago when Ibrahim the father of prophets. أبو الأنبياء...

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Getting Around Cairo in Arabic: Taxis

Black, white, and pink. Yomna explains the different kinds of taxis in Cairo while teaching us some useful vocabulary and expressions in Egyptian Arabic. Your plane has landed in Egypt. !أهلا ahlan (Welcome!) Most probably you’ll take a taxi to your destination; taxis are a conveniently available means of transportation at the airport. First of all, there are three kinds of taxis in Cairo: black white ordered To take the black or white taxi, just hail one by waving your hand and saying !تاكْس tāks (Taxi!) When it stops for you, tell the driver where you want to go....

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