“Country” Cafés in Egypt

One thing you can’t miss in Egypt, it is the country cafés القهاوي البلدي il2ahaawi -lbaladi. There is approximately over 100,000 country cafés in Egypt. It is something youth and elders do daily and go hangout in daily. It serves mainly café drinks like tea, coffee,...

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Mostafa and the Bread

Learn Arabic as it is really spoken. Listen to and read Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. Mostafa tells us about a bad day he had. Was it really the worst day of his life?? امبارح كان من اسوأ ايام حياتى. اليوم ابتدا بإن امى صحتنى من النوم و قالتلى اصحى علشان تجيب العيش،...

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