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Getting Around in Cairo: Buses

Getting around Cairo can sometimes be tricky. Yomna tells us about taking buses in the bustling metropolis. Listen and learn some useful Egyptian Arabic words. In Cairo, you can find all colors of buses going around… Buses  الأتوبيسات il2otobisaat are the most common mean of transportation  وسيلة مواصلات wasiilit muwaSlaat in Cairo; it’s available متاحه mutiiHa, cheep رخيصة raxiiSa, and it goes everywhere بتروح كل حته bitruuH kulle Hitta. Say, you finished your visit to the pyramids الأهرامات il2ahramaat, and you wanna go downtown وسط البلد wisT ilbalad. You’ll stand by a bus stop محطة اتوبيس  muHaTTit otobiis and...

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Buying Fruit and Vegetables in Egypt

Yomna tells us about where to buy fruit and vegetables in Egypt, while teaching us some useful words and phrases in Egyptian Arabic. Hi! Whether you are a famous chef or an everyday cook like most of us, you will need a daily supply of veg and fruits خضار و فاكهه xuDaar wi fakha. In Egypt like many other countries, you can get your fresh طازه Taaza or frozen مجمده migammida veg from several places. Choosing the right one depends on what basis do you need your veg: daily يومى yawmi, weekly  اسبوعى isbuu3i, or monthlyشهرى shahri. If you...

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Getting a Haircut in Egypt

Ready to get your hair cut in Egypt? Mostafa shares some tips. Hey guys! How you doing? If you are in Egypt for a very long time, there is something you will have to do… get a haircut  تحلق tiHla2. With the language barrier, it can be a bit scary to go to the barber’s in a foreign country. I will help you. You just need to know a few key words and phrases so you make sure you get what you want. And don’t worry, you don’t have to talk too much with the barber الحلاق ilHalaa2. Barbers in Egypt love...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Amusement Parks

How are you everyone? اِزَّيْكُم يا جماعه izzaykum ya gamaa3a  In the past few weeks, I was completely drained مرهقه murhaqa. I felt like I’m on a constant roller coaster قطْر المَوْت I2aTr ilmoot, from spending 12 hours a day at university الجامْعه ilgam3a and losing my mind among all the assignments required. A break was much needed at that point. I decided I needed to get on a different kind of roller coaster. A real one this time. So I called my sisters and we planned to head straight to an amusement park الملاهى ilmalaahi! We also managed to convince the rest of the family العيله il3eela to accompany us. Soon enough, we were all running around...

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Attending a Katb-Ketab

As we’re heading toward the end of summer here in Egypt, we’re also heading toward the end of what’s known as “the wedding season” مَوْسِم الأفْراح muusim il-afraaH. Usually, people think summer is the perfect time for weddings because that’s when the sky is at its bluest and the weather is lovely  الجَوْ حِلْو ilgaw Hilw. If you know an Egyptian couple getting married, they’ll invite you not only to their wedding but also to their katb ketab كَتْب كِتاب katb kitaab. Ever heard about that? Well, a katb ketab is a ceremony usually held before the wedding where the couple getting married recite their oaths and...

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