Russian – Немного о Себе – A Little About Myself


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210 pages
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14 Russian speakers x 30 questions = 420 responses. Read, listen, expand your vocabulary, and learn to express yourself better in the Russian language.

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Russian – Nemnogo o Cebe (“A Little About Myself”) will be of tremendous help to independent learners of the Russian language who want to develop conversational skills and increase vocabulary.

Nemnogo o Cebe presents the results of a survey given to 14 native speakers of Russian. Each of the 30 sections in the book begins with a question from the survey followed by the 14 responses and a breakdown of the vocabulary. Each section concludes with a page where you are encouraged to give your own answer to the question using newly learned words and phrases.

The book has been designed in such a way that it can be an effective learning tool for learners at all levels, with glossaries of even the most basic words for beginners, and grammatical information for more advanced learners.


Bonus: Free audio tracks are available to download or stream from the Audio Library. For access, sign up here. Free online activities to pre-learn and practice the vocabulary for each section of the book.

Available separately: Anki audio flashcards of the questions and responses for in-depth study.

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