Egyptian Arabic Reading Practice: Saturated Fats May Affect Concentration

Saturated Fats May Affect Concentrationالدُّهون المُشبّعه مُمْكِن تِتْسبِّب فى ضعْف التّرْكيز
Just one meal high in saturated fats may cause difficulties concentrating, according to a study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.مُجرّد وَجْبه واحْده فيها دُهون مُشبّعه كْتير مُمْكِن تِتْسبِّب فى ضعْف قُدْرِة الاِنْسان على التّرْكيز، طِبْقًا لِدِراسه اجْرِتْها المِجلّه الامْريكيه للتّغْذيه السّريريه.
The study compared how 51 ladies performed on a test that tests the ability to focus. The test was performed for one hour before eating a meal that is high in saturated fats and five hours after eating.الدِّراسه قارنِت بيْن اداء ٥١ سِتّ فى اخْتِبار بِيْقيس قوِّة التّرْكيز. الاِخْتِبار كانِت مُدِّتُه ساعه قبْل اكْل وَجْبه فيها نِسْبه عالْيَه مِن الدُّهون المُشبّعه و خمس ساعات بعْد الاكْل.
The ladies were divided into two groups. The first group ate a meal high in saturated fats. The other group ate a meal high in unsaturated fats. Between 1 and 4 weeks later, the ladies retook the test. This time, they switched meals.السِّتّات اِتْقسموا مجْموعْتيْن: مجْموعه اكلوا وَجْبه فيها نِسْبه عالْيَه مِن الدُّهون المُشبّعه و مجْموعه اكلوا وَجْبه مفيهاش دُهون مُشبّعه كْتير، بسّ فيها نِسْبه عالْيَه مِن الدُّهون الغيْر مُشبّعه. بعْد فتْره تراوْحِت ما بـين اُسْبوع و ارْبع اسابيع، السِّتّات اخدوا الاِخْتِبار تاني، بسّ المرّه دى بدِّلوا الوَجبات.
The study found that the ladies who’ve eaten the meal that contained lots of saturated fats recorded, on average, 11% lower scores than the other group. This means that their concentration level was lower because they got distracted more easily.الدِّراسه اتْوَصّلِت لِاِنّ السِّتّات اللى اكلوا الوجْبه اللى فيها نِسْبه عالْيَه مِن الدُّهون المُشبّعه سجِّلوا، فى المُتَوسِّط، درجات اسْوأ مِن المجْموعه التّانْيَه بِنِسْبِة ١١٪. ده معْناه اِنّ ترْكيزْهُم كان اقلّ عشان كانوا بِيِتْشـتِّـتّـوا بِطريقه اسْهل.
Annelise Madison, the lead author of the study, says that most previous studies looked at the effect of diet over a long period, but this study shows that just one meal could affect a person’s ability to focus.صاحْبِة الدِّراسه آنيليس ميديسون بِتْقول اِنّ مُعْظم الدِّراسات اللى قبْل الدِّراسه دى كانوا بِيْبُصّوا لِتأْثير نِظام الأكْل علَى مدَى فتْره طَويله، بسّ الدِّراسه دى اِكْـتـشفِت اِنّ مُجرّد وَجْبه واحْده مُمْكِن تِأثّر علَى قُدْرِة الاِنْسان على الـتّـرْكيز.
Madison also said that both groups have eaten meals that contained lots of fats in general and the effect could be even greater if the comparison was made with a meal that was low in fats.ميديسون قالِت برْضو اِنّ المجْموعْـتيْن اكلوا وَجبات فيها نِسْبِة دُهون عالْيَه بِصِفّه عامّه، و اِحْتِمال التّأْثير يِكون اكْبر كمان لَوْ المُقارْنه اِتْعملِت مع وَجْبه فيها نِسْبِة دُهون قُليِّله.
This article is based on an article by H.J. Meech.

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