Getting around Cairo can sometimes be tricky. Yomna tells us about taking buses in the bustling metropolis. Listen and learn some useful Egyptian Arabic words.

In Cairo, you can find all colors of buses going around…

Buses  الأتوبيسات il2otobisaat are the most common mean of transportation  وسيلة مواصلات wasiilit muwaSlaat in Cairo; it’s available متاحه mutiiHa, cheep رخيصة raxiiSa, and it goes everywhere بتروح كل حته bitruuH kulle Hitta.

Say, you finished your visit to the pyramids الأهرامات il2ahramaat, and you wanna go downtown وسط البلد wisT ilbalad. You’ll stand by a bus stop محطة اتوبيس  muHaTTit otobiis and many buses will arrive.

Unfortunately, the label on the bus is written in Arabic, so if you are not yet fluent in reading, you’ll have to ask the driver if this one is going downtown.

But if you can read Arabic numbers, he’ll tell you to take bus no. 900 خد اتوبيس تسعمية xad otobiis tus3umiyya.

Egyptian people like to help, so maybe that driver will not leave you standing there but he’ll ask you to jump in, and he‘ll drive you to Giza square ميدان الجيزه  midaan ilgiiza and tell you which bus to take from there.

If you arrive in a main bus station موقف اتوبيس maw2if otobiis, you’ll find lots of buses there. You can find the drivers and supervisors sitting in a kiosk somewhere in the station. They can easily tell you which bus to take to reach your destination.

The advantage of taking a bus from the bus station is having a seat. Then you’ll buy a ticket and start your ride.

Ticket fees سعر التذكره si3r ittazkara average between 1 to 4 pounds من جنيه لأربعه جنيه min gineeh li-2arba3 gineeh all the way.

There are green, blue, red, and orange buses. Also there are medium and big buses. All these differences doesn’t indicate anything. At the end it’s all doing the same job.

If you wanna go from town to town, let’s say from Cairo to Alexandria, you should go to another kind of buses, which is the golden or black ones. These are traveling buses أتوبيسات سياحه otobisaat siyaaHa, and the tickets should be reserved earlier through the company office.

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The traveling buses have three main bus stations: Giza square ميدان الجيزه midaan ilgiiza, Ahmad Helmy  أحمد حلمي aHmad Hilmi and Almaza ألماظه ilmaaZa.

Buses are the easiest mean of transportation in Cairo, but take care, it’s crowded  زحمه zaHma most of the time, so my advice to you is, to take it from the station, get seated and enjoy your way.