One thing you can’t miss in Egypt, it is the country cafés القهاوي البلدي il2ahaawi -lbaladi. There is approximately over 100,000 country cafés in Egypt. It is something youth and elders do daily and go hangout in daily. It serves mainly café drinks like tea, coffee, ginger جنزبيل ganzabiil and anise ينسون yansuun.

And only in country cafés, tea can be served in two ways: one we call شاي كشري shaay koshari, and it means he puts the tea in the tea pot and boil it, then pour it. Or شاي فتلة shaay fatla, known as pocket tea.

This is not all yet, as the sugar comes with tea served also in two ways: First one that you tell him how much you want, and it’s either sweet زيادة ziyaada, medium sweet مظبوط maZbuuT, or dark tea شاي تقيل shaay ti2iil.

There are so many phrases used in country cafés than anyone can imagine, like, for some reason, when the waiter calls the kitchen guys, for example, to tell him what you want to drink, for example, tea; he says واحد شاي و صلحوwaaHid shaay wi SallaHu, which if we translated it literally it would be “One tea and fix it!” Funny, ha?

Another thing that you can’t miss in country cafés is the hookah*. Almost every one sits in country café must drink** hookah. It is becoming more a tradition than smoking [cigarettes]. And you either have hookah flavored like apple hookah or orange hookah or you have the “big boss”, which we call معسل قص  mi3assil 2aSS. It is nearly tastes like cigarettes plus car smoking, but for some reason EVERYONE LIKES IT! And yet ordering hookah is not that simple. You must tell the guy how do you need the coal in it. If you need it small pieces of coal, you have to say سماسمsamaasim. Or if you want bigger pieces you can tell him burning coal فحم حرقfaHme Har2  because with this kind of coal, that size, the hookah will burn faster and you will have to get a new one.

One thing you have to know is that prices in country cafes are almost nothing… and I mean it, nothing! Tea is like 2 LE, which equals quarter of a dollar. Hookah flavored is 7 LE, which equals a single dollar. Prices in country cafés are insane, unlike the fancy coffee shops! You have to try it, guys, if you ever happen to be in Egypt. Thank you!

*called شيسة shiisha in Egypt
** Whereas in English we would use the verb “to smoke”, in Arabic you “drink” a cigarette شِرِب سجارة shirib sigaara or “drink” a hookah شِرِب شيشة shirib shiisha.