Yomna tells us about the Sacrifice Feast in Egypt while teaching us some interesting words and phrases related to the holiday in Egyptian Arabic.
Walking in Cairo these days, you can hear everybody saying happy feast كل سنه وانتو طيبين – عيد سعيد kulle sana wi-ntu Tayyibiin – 3iid sa3iid. It’s time for the great sacrifice feast called Eid Aladha عيد الأضحىI3iid il2aDHa. In the Islamic society there are two main feasts: one of them is the breakfast feast Eid Alfetr عيد الفطر I3iid ilfiTr and the other is the Sacrifice Feast  عيد الأضحى I3iid il2aDHa. What is the origin of the Sacrifice Feast? It was a long time ago when Ibrahim the father of prophets. أبو الأنبياء ابراهيم abuu -l2anbiya ibrahiim had a vision of himself slaying his son Ismail اسماعيل isma3iil,and he thought it was a vision of God الله aLLaah to sacrifice his son. So both the father and son decided to obey God الله aLLaah, and went to perform the vision. At this moment God الله aLLaah sent them a great sheep and told them they had the will to obey him, so this sheep will be the sacrifice instead of Ismail. Since that time, it became a feast celebrating the survival of Ismail, showing God الله aLLaah the will to obey him and emphasizing the act of caring for each other, all of that by having a sacrifice أضحية aDHiyya, which is a sheep خروف xaruuf, a cow عجل I3igl, or a camel جمل gamal. Each year you can see capable Muslims all around the world sacrificing, giving [to] the poor, praying to thank الله aLLaah, gathering to make barbeques, and celebrating together. The timing of that feast varies from year to year in the Georgian calendar التقويم الميلادي ittaqwiim ilmilaadi, because it goes with the Hijri Calendar التقويم الهجري ittaqwiim ilhigri, exactly in the 10th day of Zelhegga ذي الحجة zii -lHijja, the last month of the Higri year السنة الهجرية issana -lhigriyya.

  • Islam puts regulations to do this sacrifice:
  • It should be made in the 10th day, not before it.
  • The animal should be in a certain age.
  • The slayer must be a professional with a very sharp knife, as not to hurt the animal.
  • And it is forbidden that the slay is done in front of other animals.
  • Afterwards the cleaning of the place is a must.

Eid Aladha عيد الأضحى I3iid il2aDHa is a very delightful celebration for all Muslims. I recommend that you invite yourself that day with a Muslim family to have unforgettable nice time.