Expressions with the Eyes in Levantine Arabic

Eyes are very significant in Lebanese culture, and Arab culture in general. It’s no surprise then that Levantine Arabic has many expressions and idioms using the word عيْن (eye), عْيون (eyes), and other words related to ‘seeing.’ Would you understand if someone said ‘Oh, my eye!’ or ‘His eye is empty,’ or ‘She went down from my eye’? Below we have thirty common expressions with their literal translations. Can you guess what they actually mean? Click on the expressions to reveal the answers! Then watch the video to review.[ninja_tables id=”68301″]

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  1. This is great
    Thanks a lot @Nadine and I look forward to your next lot of idioms
    Hint hint 🙂
    I hope you are safe and well in Lebanon with everything going on.

  2. هذا كتير رائع ومنيح, وخصوصًا بالنسبة لي اللي احاول تعليم الشامية

    اشكرك كتير