A Vulnerable Patient

Levantine Arabic: A Vulnerable Patient

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When Rita’s dad (pictured) is in the hospital, they find another patient in need of some help. What matter does Rita take into her own hands?

ما راح تصدقوا شو صار معي بس كان بيي بالمستشفى. كنّا بغرفة مع ستّ ختيارة ما في حدا يدافع عنا. هي كتير موجوعة وهيدا شي طبيعي مش عم تتسلى. فدقت الجرس تتجي الممرضة. ما إجا حدا لبعد شي 15 دقيقة يعني كانت كتير نوجعت بهيدا الوقت.
بتطل علينا ممرضة ضخمة طويلة مع عوينات نازلين عن عيونا، وبتصرخ بأعلى صوتا مع أصبع مرفوع بوجنا “مين دق عالجرس؟ هلّأ بدّي أعرف”. خافت كتير المسكينة وما ردت. رديت أنا وقلت “شو بتفرق من دق؟ شوفي شو بدنا إذا بتسمحي. الستّ المسكينة ميتي وجع، عطيا دوا وما تعيطي كتير.” بتقوم بتقلي وبكل وقاحة “إيه، إلا أشهر هيك.” وفلّت من القوضة. خبرت المسؤول عن الطابق عن هيدي القصة وإنو كمان ما عام تحمم المرضى، بس شكلو فاسد متلا، بقا بدال ما ياخد التدابير اللازمة، أكيد خبرا ورجعت مرة تانية تعيط. هون عصبت أنا وقلتلا “الهيئة انتي بدك تعملي مشكل. ما تعتلي هم راح توصل الخبرية للإدارة”. كلما احكي قدام حدا من الموظفين يلي بيشتغلوا معا، يصيرو يهزوا براسن من القهر، وطلع إنّو كلّن متحملين قلة تهذيبا، بس ما فين يعملوا شي. قالولناً “هيدي عاملي قصص كتير والكل عم يسكتلا. حطّوا بصندوق الشكاوى كل يلي صار، بركي حدا بهزبا”. هيك صار وتشكينا. اتصلوا فينا من كم يوم ووعدونا إنو يعملوا اللازم.
بطلب من الله إنو يكون وعدن مظبوط لأنو مش بس هالمريض دافع مصاري تيتحكم، بس كمان موجوع ومسكين وبحاجة لناس تساعدوا وتحس بوجعو، خصوصي بس يكون حدا كبير بالعمر وضعيف. بكفي الوجع يللي حاملو. وين كرامة العالم والاخلاق؟ يا ريت كل موظف بيعرف شغلو وينفذو بضمير.

A Vulnerable Patient
A Vulnerable Patient

You won’t believe what happened when dad was at the hospital. We were in a room with an old vulnerable lady with nobody to protect her. She was in a lot of pain which is normal; she wasn’t there for fun. So she pushed the nurse call button, and it took 15 minutes for anyone to show up, so she had to ensure so much pain during that time.
A big, tall nurse walks in with her reading glasses resting on her nose. She then screams at us and says, “Who pushed the button? I wanna know now!” The poor lady was terrified and didn’t say a word. So I said, “How does who pushed the button make a difference? Check and see what it is that we need, please. The poor lady is in so much pain. So give her meds instead of shouting so much.” So she says, rudely, “Yeah, well, she’s been like this for months,” and left the room. I told the floor supervisor what happened and that she’s also not helping bathe patients. Turns out he’s just as corrupt as she is, so, instead of taking appropriate measures, he just told her what I had said, so she came back yelling, which made me furious, and I said, “Looks like you want trouble. Don’t you worry. Managment will be notified about this.” Whenever I’d bring this story up in front of any of the staffers, they’d nod anxiously. As it turns out, they’ve all had to put up with her bad attitude and manners, but there’s nothing they can do. They said, “This woman has been involved in so much drama, but no one’s reporting her. Put everything in the complaints box. Perhaps someone will finally put her back in her place.” So that’s what we did. We submitted a complaint and received a call a few days ago and were promised that what’s needed will be done.
I pray that they keep their word because not only has a patient paid money to be treated, but they are also in a lot of pain and a vulnerable state and need people to care for them, especially when they’re old and fragile. The pain they’re living through is quite enough. Where are human dignity and ethics? I wish everyone did their job with conscience.


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