Going to a Concert in Lebanon

by | Levantine Arabic Diaries

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Do you like going to concerts? Mariette tells us about her experience seeing a popular Lebanese band.

في عدة فرق موسيقية لبنانية مشهورة بالبلد و براتو و مشروع ليلة وحدة من أهم هذه الفرق. لعبت بجبيل ها الصيفية و كنت كتير مبسوطة إنو قدرت احضرا. الشغلة الحلوة يلي بتميز مشروع ليلة عن غيرها من الفرق اللبنانية هي اغانيها يلي بتخبر قصص العالم يلي ما بتسترجي تحكي عن حالها. أول ما وصلنا عجبيل، كانت العجقة مبلشه. وقفنا ناطرين لشي ساعة عل قليلة لنفوت بس ما كتير تعبنا خصوصةً لأن كان في نسيم حلو جايي من البحر. قبل ما نفوت، شترينا أكل و مشروبات كرمال ما نجوع نحنا و عم نحضر الفرقة. من بعد الاكل، فتنا لجوا و اعدنا بمحلاتنا. أخذت الفرقة شي ساعة لتطلع على المسرح بس لما طلت، كان واحد من أحلى الشعور بحياتي. الموسيقى كانت رائعة والجو كان كتير حلو. كل العالم كانت مبسوطة و عم بت هيص. رفيقي يلي كان قاعد حدي بلش يدوخ من كترت العالم يلي حولينا فنجبرنا نرجع لورا كرمال تنتنشأ هوى البحر. من بعد ما خلصت الحفله والفرقة ودعت الجمهور, ضهرنا لبرا ورجعنا تلاقينا بكل أصحابنا لنروح نتعشا بشي مطعم قبل ما نرجع عالبيت. كانت ليلة كتير حلوة والاغاني كانوا بعقدو، بس من ورا كترت العالم والعجقة ما بفتكر برجع بروح على حفلة متل حفلة مشروع ليلة إلا إذا كانوا منظمين الافنت أحسن.

There are a number of famous local and international musical bands, and Mashrou’ Leila is one of the most important of these bands. The band played in Jbeil this summer and I was super excited that I was going to be able to watch the show. The beautiful thing about Mashrou’ Leila that sets it apart from all other Lebanese bands is their songs that depict the story of people who are too afraid to tell it to the world themselves. When we got to Jbeil, it was already very crowded. We stood there waiting in line for around an hour but that didn’t bother us much especially since there was a beautifully cool breeze coming from the ocean. Before we went in, we decided to buy some food and drinks so as to not get hungry or thirsty when the band starts playing. After eating, we went in to get to our seats. It took the band around an hour to finally get on stage but when it did, it was one of the most beautiful feelings of my life. The music was wonderful and the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone around us was cheering happily. My friend, who was seated beside me, started feeling nauseous because of how crowded and tight the place was so we had to move back to the last rows to refresh ourselves with the cool summer  sea breeze. After the concert was over and the band had bid farewell to its audience, we left the venue to reunite with our friends and go grab a bite at a nearby restaurant before we went back home. It was a very beautiful night and the songs were amazing, but because of the amount of people and how crowded the place was, I don’t think I will ever attend a concert like Mashrou’ Leila’s again unless the event is better organized.