This is part eight in the series “Arabs Say…” featuring Arabic speakers from around the Arab world who gives their views on their language and how it is used today. Of course, we should keep in mind that these are personal views and do not represent the views of everyone in their countries. Still, we can learn a lot about the overall linguistic situation and some commonalities and regional differences.

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  1. Algerian Arabic is for me the easiest since I have learned that from my family than tunisian and marrocan arabic should be easy for me to understand. But the other arabic I don’t understand at all.
    I only understand my neighbour countries.
    So it makes more sense that egyptian arabic is the easiest to understand and the levantine arabic by what I read that some of these countries used to be one state in the past.
    And Egypt is closer to other arabic speaking countries so its easier for the most and also with their TV shows.

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