Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Sudanese Weddings

Yomna goes to a lot of Sudanese weddings. Why? What does she like about them?

Egyptian Arabic Articles

Buying Fruit and Vegetables in Egypt

Yomna tells us about where to buy fruit and vegetables in Egypt, while teaching us some useful words and phrases in Egyptian Arabic.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Hesham’s Birthday

Hesham tells us about his birthday outing with some friends… and a few animals.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Driving Lessons

Amr tells us about how he learned to drive… and his first accident!

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Mostafa and the Sheep

Mostafa tells us how he and his father found their sacrificial sheep… and how it almost got away.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

The Sacrifice Feast

The Sacrifice Feast (Eid al-Adha) is an important holiday in Egypt. Reem tells us what she likes and doesn’t like about the holiday.