Egyptian Arabic Diaries

My Friend’s Big Day

Alaa’s best friend had to defend her thesis to receive her Master’s degree. Was she successful?

Levantine Arabic Diaries

Camel Tongue at the Palace?

Rita has a culinary adventure at the palace. She even tries camel tongue. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever eaten?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Darwin at the Library

Ahmed didn’t get much studying done before the exam. What distracted him? And how was the exam?

Levantine Arabic Diaries

Cycling Around Tripoli

Yumn and her friends decide to bike around the city. What could possibly go wrong?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Hamza in Hurghada

Hamza (age 7) tells us about a recent family trip to Hurghada (on the Red Sea coast of Egypt). Hamza is the son of Yomna, a regular contributor to the blog and Lingualism publications.

Levantine Arabic

Levantine Arabic Verbs: 3aTa عطى (to give)

Each of these videos presents the full conjugation of a common Levantine Arabic verb, along with example sentences. Down the accompanying PDF for free.