Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Celebrating with Friends

Alie tells us about the eve of Eid al-Fitr. What did he do? How was the atmosphere?

Levantine Arabic Diaries

Falling on Ice

Eman and her sister Noora go ice skating. Do they enjoy themselves? Will Eman go ice skating again?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

A Trip to Aswan

Yomna tells us more about her trip to Luxor and Aswan and the places she explored there.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Habiba’s Birthday

Khalaf is a proud uncle. What does he have to say about the youngest member of his family?


Learn Arabic with BBC Xtra

I love BBC Xtra. It provides me with a daily dose of listening and reading practice. I often listen to it at the gym or during my daily commute…

Levantine Arabic Diaries

Lanterns over Lebanon

Yumn tells us about a special tradition in her hometown and how it lights up the sky.

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Ayat’s Hobbies

Ayat tells us about her favorite hobbies. Can you guess what they are from the pictures?

Egyptian Arabic Diaries

Alie’s Ramadan

Alie tells us how he spends a typical day during Ramadan.