How do I download the MP3s?

MP3s are available to download and stream free of charge whether you have purchased the corresponding books or not. 

To access the audio, you just need a password, which you will receive when you sign up to our mailing list. Just go to the Audio page from the main menu. (The password is also given, for your convenience, in email announcements from Lingualism, if you are already on our mailing list.)

Note that iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) cannot download the zipped audio files. You will need to download onto your computer and transfer the files to your iOS device using your desktop iTunes app. Android devices require an app to unzip the files.

ANKI flashcards: Common Issues


You first need to download your Anki flashcard file to a computer (not mobile device) and import (by double-clicking) into the desktop Anki app.


Be sure you have the right app installed, as there are others with similar names out there. Download the free app from Your purchased Lingualism Anki flashcard file downloads as a zipped file. When you unzip it, you will see the file extension is .apkg. Double-click on this file to import it into your desktop Anki app. For more detailed steps, click here.

Syncing to a Mobile Device

You must first have imported your Anki flashcard deck into your desktop app. Be sure you have the Anki app installed on your mobile device. In the Apple Store, the app is called “AnkiMobile Flashcards” and costs $25. In the Google Play store, it is called “Ankidroid Flashcards” and is free. Sign up for a free AnkiWeb account if you don’t already have one. This will allow you to sync your flashcards between devices. Log into your account on both your desktop and mobile apps. Sync your desktop app to upload it into your AnkiWeb cloud, then sync your mobile app to import them. For more detailed steps, click here.

I'm having trouble signing up.

If you try to sign up and do not receive a confirmation email, check in your junk mail folder. You may also have already signed up in the past with the same email address. Search your email for “Lingualism” to see if you have a previous confirmation email or announcement from Lingualism, where you can usually find your password at the bottom of the email announcement.

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