izzayyúkum ya gamā3a? إزّيُّكُم يا جماعة How are you, everyone?

In the past few weeks, I was murháqa مُرْهقة (exhaustedcompletely drained. I felt like I had been on a constant ʔaʈr ilmōt قطْر الموْت roller coaster, spending 12 hours a day at ilgám3a الجامْعة university and losing my mind among all the assignments required. A break was much needed at that point. I decided I needed to get on a different kind of roller coaster. A real one this time! So, I called my sisters, and we planned to head straight to ilmalāhi الملاهي the amusement park called Dream Park. We also managed to convince the rest of  il3ēla العيلة the family to accompany us. Soon enough, we were all running around the amusement park zayy il3iyāl زيّ العِيال like carefree children.

So, here are the three reasons why you should take a day off and hit an amusement park:

1. Forgetting about ilwāqi3 الواقِع the real world for some time.

Let’s be honest here, we all like to place ilʔálaʔ القلق [our] worries behind us kullə fēn wi fēn كُلّ فيْن و فيْن every now and then, right? The colorful environment, the breathtaking designs, the cartoon characters and ilmusīqa -lmubhíga الموسيقي المُبْهِجة  the cheerful music are sometimes what you need to boost your mood. I notice amusement parks are one of the few places where people walk around with ibtisamāt 3arīɖa اِبْتِسامات عريضة bright smiles on their faces. So, if you’re exhausted from work and need a break from ilzúmala -zzananīn الزُملاء الزنانين nagging coworkers, an amusement park is the place for you!

2. Savor dáf3it ilʔadrinalīn دفْعِة الأدْرينالين the adrenaline rush!  

It makes you feel alive. On a roller coaster, you have your body mit3álliʔ fi -lháwa مِتْعلِّق فى الهَوا hanging in the air or مِتْشقْلِب mitšáʔlib upside down. You’re xāyif خايِف afraidbut you also know that you’re safe. The feeling itself is a thrill. The sudden burst of energy will refresh you of all the ilmálal الملل dullness/boredom.

3. Make zikrayāt ɧílwa ذِكْرَيات حِلْوَة sweet memories.

Amusement parks are munásba li-kúll ilʔa3mār مُناسْبه لِكُلّ الأعْمار all-age friendly. There are al3āb إلْعاب games that are appropriate for all ages. Personally, agdādi أجْدادي my grandparents enjoy them as much as my baby nieces and nephews do. It’s a place for enjoying yourself while spending quality time with your loved ones. And apart from that, who wouldn’t like to take pictures in a cartoon-like place? You’ll get to smile at those photographs and memories in the future.

So, the next time you feel the need to tifúkk تِفُكّ, let goget a ticket and take off to an amusement park.

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