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Alie tells us about the eve of Eid al-Fitr. What did he do? How was the atmosphere?

بعد ما رمضان خلص و الواحد زعلان انه خلص، العيد بدأ و الواحد سعيد جدا بالعيد. اتفقت مع اصحابى اننا هنعقد مع بعض من يوم الوقفة من بعد الفطار لحد صلاة العيد. بعد الفطار اللى محدش كل حاجة علشان خلاص بقى مفيش صيام تانى قابلت اصحابى. و قعدنا على قهوه. قعدنا طلبنا اللى عاوزينه. و قعدنا نتكلم هنعمل ايه. خلصنا كلام بس كنا جعانين. رحنا اكلنا و كان المحل زحمه جدا. استنينا شوية عقبال لما مكان يبقى فاضى. اكلنا و بعد كده رحنا وسط البلد. المكان كان زحمه جدا مليان بالناس. الناس بتحفل بالعيد. فيه ناس بتفسح و تروح سينما و فيه ناس بيشترى لبس العيد. احنا كنا بنتفرج على المحلات. كان فيه اطفال بيحتفلوا بالبلالين و البمب و الصواريخ و مسدسات اللعبة. اتمشينا. بعد كده قلنا كل واحد يروح البيت يستريح شوية و نتقابل فى الجامع عشان نصلى الفجر مع بعض. روحت البيت و استحميت و كلت الكحك و البسكويت و ريحت على السرير شويه. بعد كده نزلت اصلى الفجر. و قابلت اصحابى. و كان فيه ناس بقالى كتير مشفتهاش قابلتها. و قاعدنا نتكلم مع بعض من بعد نهاية الفجر لحد صلاة العيد. الواحد محسش بالوقت خالص. رحنا صلينا العيد. و كانت الساحه مليانه بالمصلين. و المكان جميل جدا. و البلالين الملونة اللى ماسكينها الاطفال و بيجروا فى المكان. و فى وشهم السعادة والفرحة علشان العيد. صلينا العيد و روحنا لعبنا بلاى ستيشن و بنج بونج. بعد كده كنا تعبانين علشان منمناش غير ساعه تقريبا. روحت و نمت. و كان يوم جميل جدا.

After Ramadan is finished, and I was sad because it ended, Eid began, and I was very happy for Eid. My friends and I agreed to get together on the waqfa [eve of Eid] from breaking fast until Eid prayers. After breaking fast, which no one eats because there is no fasting after that, I met my friends. We sat in a coffee shop. We sat down and ordered what we wanted. Then we discussed what to do. We finished talking, but we were hungry. We went to eat, and the shop was very crowded. We waited a bit until there was were empty seats. We ate, and after that, we went downtown. It was so crowded there with people. People were celebrating Eid. There were people strolling around, going to the movies, and people buying clothes for Eid. We were window shopping. There were kids celebrating with balloons, firecrackers, fireworks, and toy guns. Then we walked around. After that and we agreed that we should all go home and rest up, and meet in the mosque to perform the dawn prayer together. I went home, took a shower, ate kahk and cookies, and took a rest on my bed. Then I went to perform the dawn prayer. and meet my friends. There were people that I hadn’t seen in a long time that I met. And we talked from dawn until the Eid prayer. Time flew by. Then we went to pray the Eid prayer. The place with so crowded with people praying. It was very beautiful there. There were colorful balloons that children were holding and running with there. And on their faces was happiness because of the holiday. We prayed Eid, then went and played PlayStation and ping pong. After that, we were tired we had only slept an hour. I went back home and went to sleep. It was a really great day.

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