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Mostafa tells us about the new exercise trend in Egypt: Street Workout. No pain, no gain!

قررت اعمل حاجه مختلفه المره دى. انا بحب امارس الرياضه فا سمعت عن لعبه جديده اسمها Street Workout. بدأت امارس اللعبه و بدأت تشدنى و بدأت فعلا احبها. و كانت حاجه جميله جدا انى الاقى ناس فى مصر بتلعب اللعبه برضه. و كان هدفهم انهم ينشروا اللعبه فا نظموا يوم الناس تتقابل فيه و تتمرن مع بعض. و كان اليوم يوم الجمعه وكنت لسه مخلص ثانويه عامه و كنت متحمس جدا انى اشوف ناس بيحبو نفس اللعبه و بيلعبوها. و رغم ان المكان كان بعيد و مرحتوش قبل كده الا انى صحيت بدرى و ركبت مواصلات و رحت المكان. المكان كان جميل و كله جناين و الهوا نقى. المكان هو حديقة الازهر و هو بقى مكان مشهور دلوقتى فى مصر. انبسطت انى قبلت الناس و بدأنا تمرين. طبعا كان معانا ناس مستواهم عالى و التمرينه كانت شديده. بس عجبنى ان الناس كلها كانت بتحمس بعضيها و تشجع بعض. و رغم ان انا كنت تعبان بس قدرت اكمل التمرين. اتصحبت على ناس كتير و اكيد هتقابل معاهم تانى علشان اتمرن. و اكيد برضو هاكمل تمرين لوحدى علشان اعلى من مستوايا. و الصراحه كان يوم من اجمل الايام اللى قضتها فى حياتى. رغم انى تانى يوم جسمى كان مكسر و مكنتش قادر اتحرك بس الواحد لازم يتعب علشان يلاقى.

I decided to do something different now. I like playing sports, and I heard about a new exercise called Street Workout. And I started to do it, and it started to firm me up, and I started to love it. It was so nice to find people in Egypt practicing the same sport. And their goal was to spread this sport so they organized a day for people to meet and work out together. It was a Friday and I had just finished my high school [i.e. the school week finishes on Thursday] so I was so excited to see people love the same sport and practice it. Even though the place was far away and I had never been there before, I got up early and I took some public transportation and I went there. The place was beautiful, with lots of gardens and the air was clear. The place was Al-Azhar Park, which has become a famous place in Egypt now. I was happy to meet the people and we started the workout. Of course, there were some people at an advanced level, and the exercise was tough. But I like that everyone was encouraging and motivating each other. Although I was tired, I was able to complete the workout. I made a lot of friends, and I’m sure we’ll meet again to work out together. And I’ll definitely continue to practice on my own to increase my level. To be honest, it was one of the best days of my life. Even though the next day my body was exhausted and I couldn’t move, “no pain no gain.”

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