Language Learning Links

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite links for learning languages. I have organized the links into categories and have included screenshots and short descriptions of each site to help you find the most useful resources.

There are a lot of resources on the Internet, a lot of good materials, as well as a lot of sites I would not recommend. These lists are only those which I have personally used and recommend. If you know a great site that isn’t listed here, you can let me know about it by filling out the Suggest a Link form on the right. I will consider adding links to the lists, but only if I love the resource and would personally recommend them to Lingualism readers. Please do not submit the same link suggestion more than once.

Featured Links

Arabic Links

Each description begins with acronyms specifying the variety of Arabic found on the site: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Egyptian Arabic (ECA), Levantine Arabic (LA), etc. A $ lets you know that the site is mostly paid content, while ($) means that there is a good deal of free content but also paid content. (See the key on right/below.)