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Hello, everyone! إزايكو، عاملين إيه؟

My name is Ahmad, from Egypt. I’ve been an online Arabic teacher since 2017. I started out teaching Fus-ha (and I still teach it).

As I was teaching Fus-ha, I was surprised to see that many students were learning it to be able to communicate with locals. The problem is that after a lot of them spend a lot of time, effort, and money learning it, they go to Egypt and they find out that people there are speaking something totally different—Egyptian Arabic.

There are only a few people out there that take Egyptian Arabic seriously and think of it as a language: most people think it’s just a ‘colloquial dialect’. 

So even though there are fewer people who are interested in learning Egyptian Arabic than Fus-ha, I felt a responsibility that I should start doing that, and here I am!

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What is my teaching method?

I believe that in today’s language classes, students should be doing most of the speaking, reading, and writing, not the teacher. This is what I’m always trying to do. The platform that I currently use, Verbling.com, has very cool features like a white board, screen sharing, flashcards, and more.

What materials do I use?

I have been using my own material with the majority of my students so far. But I also sometimes use great textbooks like the well-known Kallimni Arabi series.

If you can speak Egyptian Arabic, can you communicate with locals in other Arab countries?

Definitely, yes! Without any problem.


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