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Levantine Arabic Grammar

Levantine Arabic Grammar

Levantine Arabic Orthography

Learn how to read the Arabic script and tashkeel (voweling) used in Lingualism materials.

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I’ve just added a section to each PDF eBook’s product page–You’ll find it just before the Audio section. On the left, you’ll see a circular button with a PDF icon. Click this to view (and/or download) a PDF of a sample from the book. This way, you can get a better look inside the book,

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  • Haki Kill Yoom 1

    • The 15 chapters focus on everyday situations such as transportation, eating out, socializing, and health.
    • Each chapter includes several mini-dialogues and an extended dialogue in authentic, everyday Levantine Arabic.
    • Arabic script with phonemic transcription and English translations.
    • Hundreds of language and culture notes.
    • Lists of key vocabulary and expressions.