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, this week you have earned 10,100 Stars. Let’s see how many you can earn this coming week!

How can you earn Stars?


11 Star Awards

  • 500 Stars for activating your membership
  • 300 Stars for setting your first profile photo
  • 50 Stars for visiting the website this week
  • 25 Stars for posting an activity stream message today
  • 25 Stars for replying to an activity stream message today
  • 100 Stars for getting 5 likes on an activity stream message
  • 50 Stars for creating a new forum topic (limited to 5 per day)
  • 25 Stars for replying to a forum topic (limited to 10 per day)
  • 100 Stars when 5 people favorite a forum topic that you posted
  • 100 Stars for commenting on a post (limited to 10 per month)
  • 500 Stars for reviewing a product (limited to your first 10 reviews)

What are Stars good for?

  • FUN Stars are meant to motivate you to interact with the website, engage in friendly competition with other learners, and keep up with your language-learning goals.
  • MOTIVATION You can show off your hard work by earning level badges after acquiring certain amounts of Stars.
  • CREDITS You are rewarded with Credits to use toward purchases of products on

How can you earn Credits?

You earn 1 Credit for every 1,000 Stars earned.

What are Credits good for?

Credits are our way of thanking you for being an active member of the site and a dedicated language learner. Each credit is worth $1, which can be applied to orders on at checkout.


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