I’ve just put up lists of vocabulary for six varieties of Arabic. You can find these through the menu: Resources → (Varieties of Arabic) → Vocabulary.

Each topic’s page contains a table with four columns: English, Phonemic Transcription, Arabic, and Audio.

All of the materials are taken from our Arabic Vocabulary book series. Each collection of online vocabulary contains 18 topics and over 2,000 words and phrases, making up around 50% of the materials in the books.

My hope is that you find the newly created online resources useful. For those who are interested in learning more vocabulary, I strongly recommend the accompanying materials, available on the Lingualism website as PDF eBooks, Anki flashcards, (some) Premium Audio, as well as in paperback on Amazon. And, of course, the accompanying audio files can be downloaded for free from the eBooks’ product pages (via the Shop).

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