As you know, at Lingualism, our main mission is to offer top-notch learning resources tailored for self-study. We strive to empower individuals who are passionate about languages to delve into new cultures and overcome obstacles on their language-learning journey. In order to continue delivering on this promise, we must occasionally adjust our prices to reflect the economic realities we operate within.

Starting June 1st, 2023, the prices of most of our products will see a modest increase. This decision wasn’t made lightly; it’s a necessary step that allows us to keep up with inflation and the rising cost of doing business, including operational costs, technology upgrades, research, and the development of new high-quality learning materials.

Please understand we value the trust and loyalty you’ve placed in us and are committed to ensuring our products remain accessible and worthwhile to our customers. It’s a delicate balance we strive to maintain, and we appreciate your understanding and support.

However, there’s good news too! Until the end of May, all our products will remain at their current prices, offering you a perfect opportunity to stock up on your learning resources. If you’ve been eyeing a particular eBook or other learning material, now is a great time to make that purchase.

Click here to visit our store and make the most of our current prices.

As always, we thank you for your continued support and your part in our growing community of language learners. Together, we make this journey possible.

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