Slow Audio for Diaries

Check out any of the dozens of posts in the Egyptian Arabic Diaries or Levantine Arabic Diaries series, and you’ll notice a new audio player.

This player widget has two advantages over the former one:

  • It is “sticky,” meaning it stays at the bottom of your screen while you scroll up and down to read the Arabic text or English translation. This way you can easily access the audio widget to skip back, pause, or adjust the volume when needed.
  • The other new feature was added by popular demand: a slow speed option. While a lot of learners have been enjoying the Diaries series, the number-one complaint I get is that the speakers just speak too fast. Now you can find an option under the audio player controls options for ‘normal speed,’ which is the default for playing, and ‘slow,’ which plays the audio at just 70% of the original speed. I hope this helps you follow along with the text and mimic the native speakers better.


    1. Strange… I just played the whole slow audio track, and it worked for me. What device/browser are you using, Shena? Can you try it on another device/browser and see if it works? If anyone else has a similar issue, please let me know. That will help me pinpoint the issue. Thanks!

      1. I’m on Window 10 with Chrome. I’ve just tried in Firefox and it works. Sorry for not trying it yesterday but I listened to a different diary on slow on Chrome so I thought there might be a problem with that file.


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