Beginning Learner’s Levantine Arabic Dictionary: Anki Flashcards

Beginning Learner’s Levantine Arabic Dictionary: Anki Flashcards

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Over 3,500 flashcards with audio. Use Anki’s SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary.

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Please, be sure you have the Anki app installed and are familiar with how to use it before you buy our Anki decks. Click on the icon for links to install the app. (Note: Lingualism is not the app developer. We merely sell decks (data files) that work with the app.)

Click on the video above to see and hear the cards in use. As you can see in the video, there are separate cards for each entry word in the dictionary, followed by cards for the corresponding example sentence. Cards are presented with Arabic prompts first and then English prompts to test your recollection.

4 reviews for Beginning Learner’s Levantine Arabic Dictionary: Anki Flashcards

  1. Alan

    Alan (verified owner)

    Voice quality is top notch, but words are sort of random and uncategorized on ANKI though. I’ve definitely found it useful thus far.

    • Lingualism (verified owner)

      The words are presented in alphabetical order, as they appear in the dictionary (unless you have your Anki settings set to random order). You could add your own tags and create a custom study deck to focus on certain (kinds of) words.

  2. Mehdi

    Mehdi (verified owner)

    Very useful and top quality. It’s even better if you already have the basics so you can understand conjugation and sentences construction. Great !

  3. Brandon

    Brandon (verified owner)

    This program is great as it not only shows vocab but also shows context behind the words, i find this the best way to learn vocab at your own pace. But a basic understanding of how sentences are formed is required, but i guess it can be learned along the way through this program. I wish i could sometimes slow down the audio as the speaker does speak fast.

  4. Harry

    Harry (verified owner)

    This product is really very good! And also the customer service is excellent! I’m very happy.

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