The stories in Mido are light-hearted and easy to follow, but also engaging, all the while presenting the lively language and culture of Arabs today. However, these stories are aimed at adult language-learners—and not children—as secrets and lies and crime make appearances.

The first chapter serves as an introduction to Mido and his family, as we take a peek at the household’s typical morning. Mido’s father, mother, brother, and sister each feature in a chapter showing a day in their lives. And Mido, our hero, stars in the remaining chapters.

The Arabic texts appear on the left-facing pages, while the English translations can be found on the right-facing pages along with cultural and language notes. (Note: The print version of the book is black-and-white.)

Dozens of beautiful illustrations can be found throughout the book to help the reader better understand the texts. Audio recorded by native speakers is available to stream or download for free from each book’s product page.

This article was adapted from the Introduction of the book Mido.

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