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Russian Opens Doors to a Lucrative Future

Russian is a beautiful and complex language. While the journey to learn it can be an incredible eye-opener to how different languages can be, there are times when learning Russian gets frustrating. During those times, it helps to focus on the benefits of learning Russian. These are 5 career fields where learning Russian is essential.

Intelligence Officer

Fan of Jason Bourne? Spy movies? Want a thrilling job that takes you into unique, once in a lifetime experiences? Then learning Russian could open the door for you to be an intelligence officer for the CIA. There are several roles available for Russian speakers. From Counterintelligence Threat Analysist to Intelligence Collection Analyst, your knowledge of a foreign language could open a world of possibilities for you.

These roles require you to be able to analyze various sources for information and assess potential threats. You’ll help the government diffuse potential problems and possibly even save lives.


Being an interpreter is far more complicated than simply translating for someone else. Interpreters fill crucial positions in various businesses. And as our world becomes increasingly globalized, the need to have people who can facilitate seamless communication is essential.

A major asset in being an interpreter is understanding common phrases that people use in Russian. OptiLingo is a great way to rapidly learn a foreign language because it focuses on key phrases in your target language. And with the new app, you’ll be able to practice speaking those phrases so you can start communicating. Fast.

UN Senior Revisor

If you’re interested in a cool job without the on-the-spot pressure that a translator has, a position as a UN Senior Reviser might be right for you. As a senior revisor, you’d be responsible for reviewing important documents to ensure translation was accurate.

The position requires deep analytical and leadership skills as you’d be working for a critical agency. You get to manage a team, guiding others to successful translations and ensuring they have the support to find accurate results. Plus, you get to work for the UN. And that’s just cool.

IBM Consultant

How does working for a world-renowned technology company in Russia sound? IBM has satellite offices in Moscow that staff fluent Russian speakers. As an IBM Business Consultant with IBM, you’d be working with major brands like Apple, Twitter, and Box.

This role requires you to effectively help and organize strategic business decisions, so a background in business is a definite plus. But keep in mind that your ability to learn Russian illustrates a high level of competence and analytics. IBM’s mission to help make the world better through IT solutions also means that you get a cool job and the feeling of being part of something greater.

Teacher or Professor

No profession is quite as rewarding as teaching. And knowing Russian gives you the opportunity to remove boundaries and more deeply discover Russian culture. Depending on your knowledge base, you can work as an ELL teacher, helping students either acquire English or Russian, depending on where you work. Or you can teach in primary/secondary schools both here and abroad. And finally, with a deep background in Russian along with another field, you can even work as a university professor.

With your knowledge of the Russian language and how to guide others to fluency, fast, you can have your pick of where you teach. Run study abroad programs, stay at home, or move to Russia and set up your new home. With a full understanding of Russian, anything is possible.

How to Push Past Language Learning Barriers

Learning a language doesn’t have to be a pain. With the right Russian program, you can push past the traditional pitfalls that set language learners back. Lingualism provides a mountain of Russian language resources to help you practice this difficult, yet beautiful language.

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