Charles V, the Roman Emperor, used to say that one should speak Spanish with God, French with friends, German with enemies, and Italian with the female sex. But if he had been skilled in Russian, he would have added that one could speak it with all of them, for he would have found in it the magnificence of Spanish, the vivacity of French, the strength of German, the delicacy of Italian, and in addition the richness and conciseness of Greek and Latin.

Привет! My name is Ksana, I am a native Russian speaker from Siberia. I would be glad to help you learn our language and grasp our culture. I am always happy to see my studentsí progress as the result of our collaboration.

I graduated in linguistics and education in 2010. I am a language tutor online with 4 years of experience. I’ve had students from many countries so I can foresee what difficulties learners may have depending on their background. Progress implies leaving your comfort zone, and I am here to help you leave it in friendly and understanding atmosphere. In most cases learners are interested in speaking activities during the lessons. I totally agree with them because speaking is the activity a person cannot do alone. So this time with a native speaker is really invaluable. But for people who need a guide in the Russian grammar jungle, I am here for you.

I am very flexible, and I customize lessons for my students’ needs. I will provide you with necessary materials for the class or we can use your own materials if you have some. I often use Google Docs for your questions and my corrections.

My 20-minute trial lesson is free. For futher details just fill in the contact form and I will answer to you as soon as possible. I offer discounts for regular learners taking 2+ lessons a week.

I am looking forward to meeting you, dear and brave learners of the Russian language! Thanks and see you!

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