Levantine Arabic Grammar

Levantine Arabic Orthography

Learn how to read the Arabic script and tashkeel (voweling) used in Lingualism materials.

Levantine Arabic

Expressions with the Eyes in Levantine Arabic

Nadine tells us about dozens of expressions and idioms in Levantine Arabic using the word eye(s) and other words related to seeing. Can you guess their meanings?

Levantine Arabic Diaries

A Child in My Parents’ Eyes

Rita and her mom had a lovely evening at a restaurant. But who ended up paying for dinner? (Hint: It wasn’t Rita or her mother!)

Learn Levantine Arabic Through Music

Lebanese Arabic Song: Majnoun (Ramy Ayach)

Learn Lebanese Arabic with Ramy Ayach’s hit song Majnoun (video with lyrics, English translation, and language notes).

Levantine Arabic Diaries

Around Dubai

Eman tells us about Dubai, the city she lives in, and why she thinks it’s so amazing.

Levantine Arabic Diaries

Lebanon’s Street Food Market

Mariette and her friends explore foods of the world at Lebanon’s traveling street food festival.

Levantine Arabic Diaries

A Vulnerable Patient

When Rita’s dad (pictured) is in the hospital, they find another patient in need of some help. What matter does Rita take into her own hands?

Latest Release

  • Dear Uncle Jassim


    Emad gives his students an impossible assignment: Write a letter to a relative who has emigrated, convincing them to return to Syria. What arguments will they make? And will this convince Emad to give up his plans to go to Germany?

    This book is specifically Syrian Arabic.

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  • How Much Is the Fish?


    Muhammad feels that the whole world is standing against him, even his wife. His principles seem to work to his disadvantage. Does he need to lie and cheat to find true success?

    This book is specifically Lebanese Arabic.