Tunisian Arabic Super Bundle

Tunisian Arabic Super Bundle

Mido: In Tunisian Arabic

Mido and his family invite you to join them on their everyday adventures in Tunis as you listen and read along, learning about life for modern Tunisians while improving your Tunisian Arabic.

Ideal for young-at-heart adult intermediate and advanced learners of Tunisian Arabic, this book contains 10 chapters of similar length (around 1,000 words each), along with illustrations, English translations, and footnotes.

This purchase includes two PDF eBook files—one with the original voweled texts and the second with unvoweled texts.

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Tunisian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

Tunisian Arabic is a fascinating and beautiful dialect with a unique vocabulary consisting of numerous of French and Berber loan words. Take our online mini-quiz and see how well you do at identifying the meanings of TCA words. TCA Vocabulary presents over 4,500 words, expressions, and example sentences organized into 57 categories.

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Tunisian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary: ANKI Flashcards

Anki Flashcard File

Over 4,500 flashcards with audio. Use Anki's SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary in Tunisian Colloquial Arabic.

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