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Egyptian Arabic Voices presents dozens of audio essays on a variety of topics by native speakers. Each essay is transcribed, translated into English, and includes exercises to improve comprehension.

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In Egyptian Arabic Voices, you will meet:

Egyptian Arabic Voices contributors

Egyptian Arabic Voices is designed to help you improve your comprehension of Egyptian Arabic by using its audio component  alongside the guided exercises in the book.

Six native speakers from the greater Cairo region have each contributed six “audio essays” on various topics, which in total make up the 36 segments found in this book. The contributors were recorded speaking naturally and spontaneously, without reading prepared texts. The audio essays were then transcribed in Arabic script and phonemic transcription and translated into English. Studying these texts is a unique opportunity to better understand the patterns, usage, and idiosyncrasies of Arabic as spoken by Egyptians today.

Each segment consists of:

  • exercises to sharpen your listening skills and increase how much you can understand, whatever your level.
  • in-chapter answers to the exercises (no having to flip back and forth to the back of the book).
  • verbatim transcripts of the audio with side-by-side English translations
  • lined sections for taking notes and recording new vocabulary
  • cultural and linguistic notes
  • web links to articles and videos related to the segment

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(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Egyptian Arabic Voices

  1. Avatar

    Bill (verified owner)

    This book along with the other Arabic Voices books are some of the best tools I’ve used in order to improve my Arabic listening skills. I like how if I don’t know a word, instead of trying all different types of spelling in an Arabic dictionary, they are all right there in the book for me to quickly reference. Great job on the books Matthew.

  2. Avatar

    maur. f. (verified owner)

    Egyptian Arabic Voices is an excellent resource. Although I focus mostly on Levantine Arabic, I purchased this book in order to practice listening skills in Egyptian Arabic and I’ve loved working through it. The audio is clear, the variety of topics discussed is great, and the variety of speakers/narrators is also great. On top of that, there are transcripts for each passage/chapter, as in Arabic Voices and Arabic Voices 2. I look forward to future Lingualism Arabic resources, for any dialects.

  3. Avatar

    monica meloni (verified owner)

    this book is simply amazin
    the true language that we can hear in Egypt
    not suitable for beginners

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