Beginning Learner's Levantine Arabic Dictionary: ANKI Flashcards

Beginning Learner's Levantine Arabic Dictionary: ANKI Flashcards

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Over 3,500 flashcards with audio. Use Anki’s SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary.

Use Anki’s SRS (spaced repetition system) to maximize your memorization of new vocabulary in Levantine Arabic. 

Anki is a free desktop software program that intelligently schedules items to be reviewed at the most efficient time possible.

Card layout: 1) Levantine Arabic; 2) Audio button; 3) Part of speech and other grammatical information ; 4) Variant forms of the word (feminine, elative, plural, etc.); 5) English translation

IT’S EASY! If you don’t already have Anki, visit the Anki website and download the free desktop program. Once Anki is installed, simply click on the files for the Beginning Learner’s Levantine Arabic Dictionary Anki deck you have purchased. They will automatically import into Anki. Open Anki and you will see the deck ready for study.

The default setting on Anki is to introduce 20 new cards per day. However, if you do want to change the daily new-word limit, you can do so by going into settings → options (next to the deck’s name).

Anki will start testing you from the beginning of the book Beginning Learner’s Levantine Arabic Dictionary (available as separate PDF purchase), showing you a card for a dictionary entry headword, and on the subsequent card, one or more example sentences using that word. You can also click “browse” (at the top) and see all the cards. You will see that there are actually two cards for each word (Arabic-English and English-Arabic). You can search words and add your own tags, then go back to custom study and choose your tag to create a custom study deck. When you’ve finished studying your custom study deck, you can delete it. The cards will remain in the main deck and Anki will remember that you have studied them and bring them up for review later.

Press r to repeat a card’s audio. You can record your voice (shft+V) and replay it (v) to compare your pronunciation. For any other questions regarding the use of the Anki program, please refer to the documentation on the Anki site.

3 reviews for Beginning Learner’s Levantine Arabic Dictionary: ANKI Flashcards

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    Voice quality is top notch, but words are sort of random and uncategorized on ANKI though. I’ve definitely found it useful thus far.

    • Lingualism (verified owner)

      The words are presented in alphabetical order, as they appear in the dictionary (unless you have your Anki settings set to random order). You could add your own tags and create a custom study deck to focus on certain (kinds of) words.

  2. Mehdi (verified owner)

    Very useful and top quality. It’s even better if you already have the basics so you can understand conjugation and sentences construction. Great !

  3. Brandon (verified owner)

    This program is great as it not only shows vocab but also shows context behind the words, i find this the best way to learn vocab at your own pace. But a basic understanding of how sentences are formed is required, but i guess it can be learned along the way through this program. I wish i could sometimes slow down the audio as the speaker does speak fast.

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