Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

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LCA Vocabulary presents over 4,500 words, expressions, and example sentences organized into 57 categories to help you build connections and expand your vocabulary quickly. Suitable for beginners and more advanced students.

  • Suitable for beginners and more advanced learners.
  • Over 4,500 items (words, phrases, and example sentences) in authentic Levantine Colloquial Arabic.
  • Organized into 57 thematic categories to help you build connections and expand your vocabulary quickly.
  • Each item appears in Arabic script, phonemic transcription, and English translation.
  • A carefully designed layout allows you to reinforce your memory by covering columns and testing yourself.
  • Words contain grammatical information (gender, plurals, conjugation patterns, usage notes).
  • Example sentences help to accelerate mastery of natural language.
  • Alphabetical English Index for quick referencing.
  • Develop listening skills and accurate pronunciation using the free, downloadable MP3s. Over four hours of audio recorded by a native speaker from Lebanon.

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4 reviews for Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

  1. Adham Muhammad

    Levantine Colloquial Arabic is an amazing product which has helped me so much to connect better with my extended family members and with my journey learning Levantine Colloquial Arabic. It is very extensive, with many categories and example sentences to see the word in use.

    My extended family are surprised to see that I am beginning to understand them more when they speak on a day to day basis and I am glad that it has greatly reduced the amount of stressful translating needed to help me not feel left out at the dinner table and during family get togethers.

    I highly recommend anyone learning LCA to use this book to boost their colloquial vocabulary. Thank you for an amazing product!!!

  2. emilio (verified owner)

    This is an excellent product and the audio is indispensable!

  3. Benjamin STICHER

    I spend a lot of time studying these words, but I like it!!! The ANKI flashcards are of great value to me – having a native speaker read out the words you are memorizing makes it a lot easier! Thank you, Matthew Aldrich, for this nice series!

  4. Dimitri


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