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158 pages



Mido and his family invite you to join them on their everyday adventures in Beirut as you listen and read along, learning about life for modern Lebanese while improving your Levantine Arabic.

Ideal for young-at-heart adult intermediate and advanced learners of Levantine Arabic, this book contains 10 chapters of similar length (around 1,000 words each), along with illustrations, English translations, and footnotes.

This purchase includes three PDF eBook files:

  1. Mido in Levantine Arabic (the original with voweled texts)
  2. Mido in Levantine Arabic (with unvoweled texts)
  3. Mido in Levantine Arabic Glossary (vocabulary lists by page and alphabetically)

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The stories in Mido: In Levantine Arabic are lighthearted and easy to follow, but also engaging, all the while presenting the lively language and culture of the Lebanese today. However, these stories are aimed at adult language-learners—and not children—as secrets and lies and crime make appearances.

The first chapter serves as an introduction to Mido and his family, as we take a peak at the household’s typical morning. Mido’s father, mother, brother, and sister each feature in a chapter showing a day in their lives. And Mido, our hero, stars in the remaining chapters.

The Arabic texts appear on even-numbered pages, while the English translations can be found on the following odd-numbered pages along with cultural and language notes.

Dozens of beautiful illustrations  can be found throughout the book to help the reader better understand the texts. Audio professionally recorded by a voice actor in Beirut is available to stream or download free of charge.

Chapter 1: Mido's Family

Let’s meet Mido and his family as they start a typical day around the breakfast table. Which character do you relate to most?

Chapter 2: The Wrong Bus

Mido has a little adventure as he gets lost in the big city. How does he find his way home?

Chapter 3: Visiting Grandma

The family pays a visit to Grandma. But do the kids want to go?

Chapter 4: A Secret Rendezvous

Mido’s older sister sneaks away to meet a boy from school. Will she get caught?

Chapter 5: Playing Hooky

Mido’s older brother is not a star student. Where does he go when he cuts class?

Chapter 6: Mido's Secret Friend

Mido finds a stray cat. How does he try to help?

Chapter 7: The Crisis

Mido’s father is robbed at work. How does he cope?

Chapter 8: Coffee at the Neighbors'

Mido’s mom runs into some old friends. What do they talk about?

Chapter 9: The Wallet of Dreams

Mido and his friend find some money on the street. What will they do with it all?

Chapter 10: Kidnapped

Mido finds himself kidnapped. Can he escape?

Bonus Glossary PDF

A separate, printable PDF contains all of the vocabulary from the book presented twice: 1) in order of appearance grouped by the page on which each word first appears; 2) in alphabetical order. This bonus PDF is included with your purchase of the Mido in Levantine Arabic PDF eBook. If you have the paperback edition, you can also download the PDF for free from the Info, Tips, Resources section below. Anki flashcards with audio are available as a separate purchase.

Download a Sample

Not sure if Mido In Levantine Arabic is right for you? Download a free sample of this PDF eBook that includes dozens of pages for an extended preview. See how the eBook looks on your screen and how it prints out. You can download the accompanying audio for the whole book for free.

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