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In Syrian Arabic Voices: Authentic Listening and Reading Practice in Levantine Colloquial Arabic, you will meet Amani, Umran, Nada, Fares, Bayan, and Rami, all Syrians in diaspora, who share their personal stories of war and emigration, along with more lighthearted topics such as self-introductions, hobbies, and fond memories. Each essay is transcribed, translated into English, and includes exercises to improve comprehension.


Syrian Arabic Voices is designed to provide intermediate and advanced students of Arabic with an opportunity to hear and study authentic Levantine Arabic as it is spoken by native speakers today. Improve your comprehension of Levantine Arabic by using its audio component alongside the guided exercises in the book. Unlike the scripted materials read by voice actors used in many coursebooks, Syrian Arabic Voices offers dozens of audio essays spoken naturally and off-the-cuff by individuals from around Syria.

Six native speakers from around Syria have each contributed six audio essays on various topics, which in total make up the 36 segments found in this book. The contributors were recorded speaking naturally and spontaneously, without reading prepared texts. The audio essays were then transcribed in Arabic script and translated into English. Studying these texts is a unique opportunity to better understand the patterns, usage, and idiosyncrasies of Arabic as spoken by Syrians today.

In Syrian Arabic Voices, you will meet:

Each segment consists of:

  • accompanying audio tracks available for free download below.
  • vocabulary and comprehension exercises to sharpen your listening skills and increase how much you can understand
  • in-chapter answers to the exercises (no having to flip back and forth to the back of the book)
  • verbatim transcripts of the audio with side-by-side English translations.
  • lined sections for taking notes and recording new vocabulary.

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19: Bayan on the War
Sample19: Bayan on the War

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