Modern Standard Arabic Verbs: Conjugation Tables (by Sample Verb)

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A companion to the Arabic Learner’s Dictionary, Modern Standard Arabic Verbs presents 120 verb tables to model the conjugation of any Arabic verb. This version uses actual, common verbs in each table.

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msa verbs sampleModern Standard Arabic Verbs: Conjugation Tables presents model conjugations which can be applied to any Arabic verb. Each conjugation is written in clear, large Arabic font followed by its transcription (pronunciation). It is an invaluable companion to the Lingualism Arabic Learner’s Dictionary, which contains references for each verb entry to its corresponding table.

This RED version uses actual, common verbs in each table. These verbs can serve as memory anchors. “Ah-ha, this verb is conjugated the same way as ذهب. I know how to conjugate that verb already!”


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