Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

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290 pages



ECA Vocabulary presents over 4,500 words, expressions, and example sentences organized into 57 categories to help you build connections and expand your vocabulary quickly. Suitable for beginners and more advanced students.

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  • Suitable for beginners and more advanced learners.
  • Over 4,500 items (words, phrases, and example sentences) in authentic Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.
  • Organized into 57 thematic categories to help you build connections and expand your vocabulary quickly.
  • Each item appears in Arabic script, phonetic transliteration, and English translation.
  • A carefully designed layout allows you to reinforce your memory by covering columns and testing yourself.
  • Words contain grammatical information (gender, plurals, conjugation patterns, usage notes).
  • Example sentences help to accelerate mastery of natural language.
  • Alphabetical English Index for quick referencing.
  • Develop listening skills and accurate pronunciation using the free, downloadable MP3s. Over four hours of audio professionally recorded by native speakers in Cairo.

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(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Egyptian Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

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    This is an excellent book that thoroughly covers vocabulary for a novice to the proficient and then some.

  2. Avatar


    My favorite of the books I found on the site. 🙂 Slightly more than a dictionary, which is perfect for me. 🙂

  3. Avatar


    I bought this on Amazon. I am really impressed. This is a very comprehensive book. It has essential vocabulary for so many topics and situations. This is what so many other books fail to do. This is such a good handbook. And it has audio for all the words and expressions. There must have been so much work put into this!

    Just a suggestion: It would be great if there will be another book with dialogues, discussions for each topic.

    • Lingualism

      Lingualism (verified owner)

      Thank you, Adel! We’re actually putting out two-book series (very soon!) called Kalaam Kull Yoom: Situational Egyptian Arabic with lots of dialogues and additional vocabulary and expressions.

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