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  • Offices and administrations:

    /bānka/ بانْكا bank

    /bústa/ بوسْطة post-office

    /k’bādha/ قْباضة tax-office

    /baladiyya/ بلديّة municipality

    /wzara/ وزارة ministry

    /wilēya/ ولاية governorate

    /bíru e-shoghl/ بيرو الشُّغل labor-office
    /mah’kma/ محْكْمة court, tribunal

    /markez/ مرْكز police station

    /assurance/ insurance company

    /auto-école/ driving sc…

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    • Clearly there is a lot of French influence in Tunisian (and, most likely, Algerian as well). As i do not personally know anyone from Tunisia or Algeria, it has never come up for me… but I look forward to getting into this dialect!

      Incidentally, I wonder which has more French influence – Lebanese/Syrian Levantine or Tunisian/Algerian? It… Read more

  • I think the translation of the sentence “باش انريقلو البلاد” may be “We will make the country better.”
    Am I correct? I hope anyone give me an answer with some grammatical explanation. Thank you.