Tunisian Arabic Vocabulary: Names and Addressing People

Tunisian Arabic Vocabulary

Names and Addressing People

EnglishPronunciationTunisian ArabicAudio
name; first name (1)ism (esēmi)اِسْم (أسامي)
name; first name (2)-lism iʂʂɣīrالاِسْم الصّْغير
What’s your name? (1)šismik?شِسْمِكْ؟
What’s your name? (2)šneww- ismik?شْنوّا اِسْمِك؟
My name is __.ismi __.اسْمي __.
last name (1)laqab (elqāb)لقب (ألْقاب)
last name (2)-lism -lkbīrالاسْم الكْبير
full nameism kēmilاِسْم كامِل
to namesemmeسَمَّى
to be called, namedismu (lit. one's name is)اِسْمُه
to call, address3ayyiʈعيِّط
How should I address you? (1)šitɧibb n3ayyiʈlik?شِتْحِبّ نْعيِّطْلِك؟
How should I address you? (2)šitɧibb nsemmīk?شِتْحِبّ نْسمّيك؟
Just call me __. (1)3ayyiʈli __.عيِّطْلي __.
Just call me __. (2)qulli __.قُلّي __.
alias, pseudonymism šuhraاِسْم شُهْرة
Sir! (1)sīdi!سِيدِي!
Sir! (2)møsyø! (fr: monsieur)مُسْيُو!
Ma’am!mēdēm! (fr: madame)مادام!
Miss! (1)yē ēnse!يا آنْسة!
Miss! (2)mēdmwēzēl! (fr: mademoiselle)مادْمْوازال!
Mr. __isseyyid __السّيِّد __
Mrs. __isseyyide __السّيِّدة __
Miss __ilēnse __الآنْسة __
Dr. (medical or Ph.D.)duktūr __دُكْتور __
Yes? (response to someone calling your name)n3am!نْعم!


    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 I’m thinking of making online versions of this book and others available for sale, with premium features, options to print out selected words, maybe quizzes, etc. Any ideas or requests would be appreciated.

  1. In the “how should I address you?” (1) & (2) . It sounds like شِتْحِبّ is pronounced differently for each one. Am I missing something? Did the accents change? Thanks

  2. Awesome! I actually bought my copy on the Kindle but it’s so nice to have this site as an aid! I love anything audio related especially flash cards. Quizzes sounds like an awesome idea! I would definitely take advantage. I also love all the slang vocab.


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