Writing Prompts


Practice makes perfect! Writing and speaking (even to yourself) on a regular basis is an important exercise to build fluency. But what should you write/talk about? Use our writing prompts to help you get started. You can even post your written responses on your activity feed for others to see and respond to.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s how we learn. Other members may be able to help by correcting your mistakes from time to time. And even if your writing goes uncorrected, it’s still a useful exercise. Look back at your writing tomorrow, next month, or next year, and you’ll likely see some of your own mistakes and get a better understanding of how far you have come!


Currently, the writing prompts are the 60+ questions featured in:

  • Shuwayya ‘An Nafsi and Kamaan Shuwayya ‘An Nafsi for Egyptian Arabic.
  • Shwayy ‘An Haali and Kaameen Shwayy ‘An Haali for Levantine Arabic.
  • For Modern Standard Arabic, the questions are taken from the above Egyptian and Levantine books, where they appear as MSA translations.
  • The same questions have been translated for Tunisian Arabic, although they do not appear in any book.
New questions may be added in the future to keep the selection of random writing prompts fresh and interesting.