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Modern Standard Arabic

The Glottal Stop in Arabic

The glottal stop isn’t unique to Arabic. Your language has it, too. By becoming aware of what it really is, you will have no trouble pronouncing the glottal stop in Arabic.

Levantine Arabic

Lebanese Beach Party

Sun, sand, and sounds. Mariette tells us about an unforgettable experience on the beach in Lebanon.

Modern Standard Arabic

Weather in Modern Standard Arabic

Learn Arabic vocabulary by topic with Arabic script, phonemic transcription (pronunciation), English translation, and audio.

The “Random” series

We’ve just published the first two eBooks in a new series named “Random,” and as the name implies, each book is a collection of unrelated sentences at the given level, with audio and English translations. Simple concept–and the idea is

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New Arabic Readers

I’m happy to announce we’ve added fifteen new Modern Standard Arabic Readers to our catalog. These are translations of the Levantine Arabic Readers series. Along with the adaptations from the Egyptian series, this brings the total number of readers in

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