Modern Standard Arabic

The Glottal Stop in Arabic

The glottal stop isn’t unique to Arabic. Your language has it, too. By becoming aware of what it really is, you will have no trouble pronouncing the glottal stop in Arabic.

Maghrebi Arabic

Family in Moroccan Arabic

Learn Arabic vocabulary by topic with Arabic script, phonemic transcription (pronunciation), English translation, and audio.


The Basics of Russian Pronunciation

To pronounce Russian correctly, you first need to know the sounds represented by the letters of the Russian alphabet, both consonants and vowels.

New Arabic Readers

I’m happy to announce we’ve added fifteen new Modern Standard Arabic Readers to our catalog. These are translations of the Levantine Arabic Readers series. Along with the adaptations from the Egyptian series, this brings the total number of readers in

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Product Videos

I’ve added videos to our eBooks’ product pages featuring Ahmad ElKhodary (for Arabic) and Oksana Baranova (for Russian), two respected, well-known teachers of their respective languages that have worked on Lingualism projects in the past. Ahmad and Oksana take you

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