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Levantine Arabic

Levantine Arabic Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce Levantine Arabic and read the phonemic transcription used in Lingualism materials.

Egyptian Arabic

A Trip to the Zoo

Yomna tells us about a recent trip to the zoo with her sons and a lonely lion that makes her think.

Levantine Arabic

A Child in My Parents’ Eyes

Rita and her mom had a lovely evening at a restaurant. But who ended up paying for dinner? (Hint: It wasn’t Rita or her mother!)

Maghrebi Arabic

Animals in Tunisian Arabic

Learn Arabic vocabulary by topic with Arabic script, phonemic transcription (pronunciation), English translation, and audio.


Russian Roots: лиц/лич (face)

Today I would like to show you how productive the root лич/лиц (face) is and share some frequently used collocations and idioms in which the derivatives of this root are used. Поехали!

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