Hesham’s Birthday

by | Egyptian Arabic Diaries

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Hesham tells us about his birthday outing with some friends… and a few animals.

 امبارح اصحابى احتفلوا بعيد ميلادى، مع ان عيد ميلادى مش ميعاده امبارح ولا حتى الشهرده. “بس وقت عيد ميلادى كنا كلنا فى امتحانات،” فا ماحتفلوش بيه لاننا كنا مشغولين. انا اتفاجأت لما وجدت اصحابى بيقولولى هنخرج كلنا مع بعض. و هيبقى يوم مميز، لانه عاده بنتفق على الخروج من قبلها بفتره. قالولى فى الطريق انهم هيحتفلوا بعيد ميلادى. رحنا دريم بارك مدينة ملاهى و ركبنا الالعاب كلها كلها. و بعدها ركبت حصان و ركبت جمل. و اتصورت مع احلى حيوان انا بحبه، النعامه. كنت عايز اركبها كمان بس قالولى ان ده مستحيل طبعاً. الحصان كان بنت اسمها بشرى، اسم غريب لحصان بس حلو. بعدها رحنا مطعم و كلنا. انا كلت فراخ بالبابريكا و اصحابى كلوا فراخ مقرمشه و همبرجر. و بعدها جابولى التورته اللى كانت حلوه جداً طبعاً. و اتصورنا كتير و انبسطنا. و فى المطعم دخنا شيشه و شربت شاى مظبوط. اعتقد ان اصحابك دول احلى نعمه انت ممكن تحصل عليها فى حياتك. واحد من اصحابى اسمه احمد، سورى الجنسيه. و برغم اللى بيحصل فى بلده و الدمار و الحرب ساعد فى انه يعمللى عيد ميلاد و يبسطنى. امبارح كان يوم مميز و هفضل  دايماً فاكره. و هنفضل نضحك دايماً لما نفتكره.

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Yesterday my friends celebrated my birthday, although it wasn’t my birthday yesterday or even this month. But at the time of my birthday we were in exams, so we didn’t celebrate it because we were all busy. I was surprised when I found my friends telling me that we were all going out together. And it was going to be a special day, because we usually arrange these things a bit ahead of time. They told me on the way that they are celebrating my birthday. We went to Dream Park and we rode all the rides. Then I rode a horse and rode a camel. And then I took a photo with my favorite animal, the ostrich. I wanted to ride it too, but they told me that was impossible of course. The horse was a female called “Bushra”, a weird name for a horse but cute. After that, we went to a restaurant and ate. I ate chicken paprika and my friends ate crispy chicken and hamburgers. Then they got me a cake, which was so good, of course. We took a lot of pictures and we had fun. We smoked hookah and I drank sweet tea. I believe that your friends are the best blessing you can ever get in your life. One of my friends, whose name’s Ahmed, is Syrian, and despite what is happening in his country and destruction and the war, he helped to make me a birthday party and make me happy. Yesterday was a special day and I will always remember it. And we will all laugh when we remember it.