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Store Credit

You can now purchase store credit at a discount to save even more at Currently, we have three options: $25, $50, and $100 store credit packages, which are priced at a 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts, respectively. When you buy store credit, it is applied to your account to use on future purchases. You can see your store credit balance anytime on your Account page. You can also choose to gift store credit to

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Passwordless Login

I’m trying out a new system for users to log in without passwords. It’s experimental, so let me know how it works for you in the comments.

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Free Online MSA Course for Arabic Voices

Mostafa Ahmed hosts a new 32-part series of free video lessons to help you with the materials in the Arabic Voices books. In Arabic Voices, participants from various countries share about themselves and their cultures speaking in their local dialects in some segments and in MSA in others. A principal feature of Arabic Voices is to show how well Arabs speak MSA spontaneously and how they sometimes even make mistakes and mix in their local

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Online Vocabulary

I’ve just put up lists of vocabulary for six varieties of Arabic. You can find these through the menu: Resources → (Varieties of Arabic) → Vocabulary. Each topic’s page contains a table with four columns: English, Phonemic Transcription, Arabic, and Audio. All of the materials are taken from our Arabic Vocabulary book series. Each collection of online vocabulary contains 18 topics and over 2,000 words and phrases, making up around 50% of the materials in

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New Slow Audio (Egyptian Arabic)

The Original Audio Some of our more distinctive materials at Lingualism are those in which participants–everyday people–record themselves speaking naturally. On the upside, this provides a unique opportunity to listen to authentic language and study it in detail with the transcriptions and translations. On the downside, the audio quality is often less than ideal since they are recording on their own smartphones and computers. Also, natural speech can be quite fast for learners, and some

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Updated Anki Flashcards

I’m in the process of updating the formatting and appearance of Anki flashcards: Embedded fonts, improved night mode, removal of image labels.

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PDF Samples and Links to Amazon

I’ve just added a section to each PDF eBook’s product page–You’ll find it just before the Audio section. On the left, you’ll see a circular button with a PDF icon. Click this to view (and/or download) a PDF of a sample from the book. This way, you can get a better look inside the book, take time to try out the first lesson/chapter to see if the materials are right for you before you buy,

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Premium Audio

Over the years, I’ve received many requests for audio that includes both the original Arabic and the English translations from Lingualism books so that the materials can be studied without having to be looking at the page. I’ve always loved the idea, and now I’ve finally gotten around to creating a series of Premium Audio products that do just that. With Premium Audio, you can learn on the go, when you can’t be sitting down

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Arabic Readers

Today I published the last title in the Levantine Arabic Readers series! So, we now have three series with fifteen books each: Egyptian Arabic, Levantine Arabic, and Modern Standard Arabic. I started the Arabic Readers project with Egyptian Arabic.  All of the writers were from the Cairo and Delta regions, where the dialect is rather uniform. One voice artist (the very talented Heba Salah Ali) narrated all 15 stories, which helped make the project straightforward.

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Back to Basics

A little over a year ago, I introduced several interactive features (groups, forums, activity feeds, writing prompts, awards) to the website with the hope that we could build a community of learners here. I thought learners using Lingualism materials would appreciate dedicated forums for the materials where they could ask questions and get help from native speakers. I hired three native speakers to moderate and help in the forums and groups. However, after a year

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