• The Egyptian Arabic Readers series is finally here! 15 short stories with parallel English translations and professionally narrated audio. They’re available individually or as an eBook bundle, and will be available on Amazon in paperback in a day or two. #news

  • I’ve changed out the audio players for streaming our books’ accompanying audio. You can now slow down the audio to 50% or 75% by clicking on the “x1” button. Check it out in the Audio tab on any book’s page. #news

  • I’ve removed Groups from the site for lack of activity. It was an experiment this year, but it seems few people were interested in using them to practice and communicate with other members. They also created confusion about where to post questions, which belong in the Forums. I’ll be expanding the forums to have specific subforums for each book…

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    • Hello,

      In regards to this, is there a way you could keep previous discussions/posts in the Groups active on this site as well (in possibly a “Miscellaneous” section of the Forums)? Some of these posts had interesting links/explanations that I think users would rather not lose entirely.


      • All of the discussions and posts are still here. The forums remain the same; they’re just not linked to a “groups.” The posts from the groups can still be found in the main activity feed.

        • Oh that makes sense! Admittedly I posted this before I did a bit of digging, and yes it looks like it’s all still there.

          Thanks for all the hard work in creating, maintaining and updating this site!

  • Just a brief update on what we’ve been working on behind the scenes at Lingualism. In addition to other ongoing projects (such as the Egyptian Arabic Learner’s Dictionary), I’m now heading a project to produce 15 readers in Egyptian Arabic. Right now, we only have one Egyptian Arabic reader in our catalog: Mido. I’ve had a lot of requests for more…

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  • Dots Survey

    Last month, I asked for feedback on whether I should dot final ـي and ـة in Egyptian Arabic materials. I’d been omitting dots to mimic Egyptian writing habits but have been considering changing course recently, so I wanted to see what you thought. And the verdict is clear from the polls in our Egyptian Arabic Facebook group and on… Read more