Arabic Vocabulary Notebooks

Lingualism’s Vocabulary Notebooks are the perfect way to organize and memorize vocabulary! Each notebook features 120 pages of high-quality paper with a specially-designed layout for recording and reviewing vocabulary and beautiful original artwork on its cover. Collect all 15!

The notebook in the video may appear thicker than the actual 120-page notebook.

The notebooks’ page layout is specially designed to help you keep organized for easy recording and reviews of new vocabulary while still allowing you maximum flexibility for learning your way. The following are merely suggestions on how you can use the notebook.


Title / Source

At the top of each page, there is a gray field where you can optionally write the pageโ€™s โ€œtitle.โ€ This could be a topic or the name of the materials (book, movie, article, etc.) you are studying and in which you came across some useful vocabulary youโ€™d like to record and memorize.


There is a field to record todayโ€™s date at the top of each page, helpful for keeping track of when you need to review.


Each page has six entries in which to record new vocabulary items. These may be single words, phrases, or even idioms or set expressions.

The majority of vocabulary in a language is made up of โ€˜content words,โ€™ which include nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. Checkboxes are provided to easily label entriesโ€™ parts of speech. If a word doesnโ€™t seem to fit these parts of speech, you can leave it blank or write in the part of speech, which will likely be a โ€˜function word,โ€™ such as a preposition, conjunction, pronoun, or article. (There are relatively few function words compared to content words, and you learn most of these early on in your studies, so youโ€™ll mostly find yourself recording content words in your vocabulary notebook.)


Each entry then has two full lines for writing the context you found the vocabulary item in, example sentences, collocations, or other notes.


Finally, keep track of your reviews at the bottom of each page. Each time you review the entries on a page, check the box, write the date, or record how many you could recall.

Back Cover

A partially transparent white box appears on the back cover where you can label your notebook with a title, date, your name, etc. The cover’s matte finish makes it easy to write on.


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